Making an impact for a more ecological industrial world.

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Who is Reeniu?

Supplier of innovations to reduce environmental impact.

Our tailor made solutions highlight the economic advantages of operating in a sustainable manner. Since the birth of our company we have worked relentlessly to provide innovative formulas which lead to both economic and sustainable advantages. We strive to present projects with short term ROI's which improve the productivity of industrial sites. REENIU has found particular success in a range of sectors, including: food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.


A 4 step process

1. Measure to optimize
  • Installing a surveillance system
  • Identifying savings in use
  • Accompagnement
  • Base pour une future certification ISO 50001
  • certifiée LNE
2. Going further
  • Analysis of figures collected from the surveillance system
  • Identifying appropriate technologies
  • Optimisation des usages
  • Jusqu'à 15% d'économies
3. Solution selection 
  • Commercial investment proposal for additional savings
  • Grant acquiring
  • Sélection parmi nos innovations
  • Conseils pour obtention de subventions
4. Turnkey installations
  • Guaranteed performances
  • Assistance
  • Assistance mise en oeuvre
  • SAV
The team

An international team that wants to impact the industrial world.

Pascal Ballon
Co-founder and president
Pascal combines 18 years of experience in Asia and 25 years in the B2B electrical and automation markets. A creative mind for solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the industrial world.
Christophe Douillet
Co-founder and CTO
Christophe is a specialist in energy efficiency and waste optimization. He has managed the construction of plants in the Food and Beverage industry on 3 continents.
Su – Sanne Ching
Singapore Director
Su-Sanne is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry. She claims the company of the future is one that carries virtuous values. Joining the REENIU adventure is for her a further step in creating a climate ideal for world improvements.
Pierre Mobian
Digital Director
Pierre benefits from 20 years of experience in digital projects with SMEs as well as international organizations. As a project facilitator, he provides concrete solutions to users by combining the advantages of the Internet with the importance of an ecological world.
Our culture

Our goal is to improve lives through what we do.

The climate crisis and loss of biodiversity on our planet should push all of us to take on immediate and efficient action. Changing methods of consumption & production in a variety of industries is crucial and can be done in numerous different ways.

" We know that industrial engineering, with an environmental focus, can change the fate of our planet. It is our dream to see this realized in the following decade."

At REENIU, we decided to initiate change in the industrial sector through the use of clean technologies. Through innovation, we strive to improve the environmental impact of existing factories and sites.

Technical specialists
We have an international team of specialists who are experts in their field. In this way, we guarantee quality follow-up, installation and assistance.
Areas of expertise
Cooling, steam, hot water, power supply, power supply, drying, process water, cleaning, water treatment
French, English, Mandarin and Spanish
latest news

The cleantech sector is going through an exciting time.

The press talks about our partnership with Qualisteo
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Strategic partnership with Qualisteo from Nice

JAS LA ROCHELLE 2022 interview
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Interview with the co-founder of Reeniu during the JAS 2022 in La Rochelle

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We are ready to talk about usage optimization for energy savings with Qualisteo monitoring at the CFIA 2024 in Rennes Hall 2 village Start up #energysaving #savewater #decarbonation