Waste Heat Recovery
Hot air engine that turn waste heat into compressed air

Waste Heat Recovery

Innovative technology for waste heat > 300 degrees with relevant ROI

Informations technologiques

REENIU brings you fatal heat recovery solutions thanks to compact and maintenance-free motors , allowing heat to be transformed directly into mechanical energy .

This technology converts heat into valuable power thanks to a unique patented hot air engine.

The hot air engine relies on several technological bricks to extract thermal energy from hot gas and to convert heat directly into mechanical/electrical power, hot clean air and compressed air.

The engine is modular and is the most profitable heat conversion technology for the following reasons :

– Cost-effective: made of conventional materials, easy to maintain, therefore the return on investment is one of the most attractive on the market.

– Plug and play installation: you just need to connect hoses and wires to start producing energy.

– Robust and sustainable: 100% mechanical, no electronics, no rare-earth and no chemical fluids, only air working inside.

Our low-tech solution is protected by more than 60 international patents.


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