Small scale Anaerobic Digester
QUBE containerized biogaz micro-plant

Small scale Anaerobic Digester

Our containerized plant reduce the weight of biowaste on the road and allow the factory to self consume the energy produced

Informations technologiques

BioQUBEs are robust, modular small scale anaerobic digesters (biogas digesters) providing a compact solution to process smaller volumes of feedstocks and wastes on site.

The systems can be configured for each site to allow multiple digesters running from a single feed system along with biogas storage, energy generation and digestate pasteurisation.

Each system comprises 20 or 40 foot shipping containers with differing numbers of modules to make up the required unit processing size.

Differing feedstocks have different biogas yielding values. For example, one tonne of cow slurry yields 21m3 of biogas compared to one tonne of fatty food waste which yields 320m3 of biogas.

BioQUBE units are quick and easy to install. They can be brought to site by a standard crane lift lorry and once lowered into position, the installation process can be completed rapidly.

Once installed and filled, a bioQUBE will start producing biogas in only a matter of days.


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