Energy Efficiency
Patented NIALM Algorithms

Energy Efficiency

REENIU optimizes energy consumption in industry combining measurement, expertise and data science, with the aim of reducing consumption by 10 to 15%.

Informations technologiques

We provide a unique solutions with 4 technical pillars ( central measuring station, Data management, Dashboards, Energy Efficiency service). A central measuring station for precise metering of consumptions including:

- Industrial electronics equipment integrated in a cabinet and selected to operate in disturbed environments

- Non-intrusive sub-metering systems installed under voltage (without process interruption or disturbance)

- installation of opening toroids at circuit breakers from 120A to 2400A per strand

- Installation of the box in the low-voltage switchgear room with or without relay offset at the level of the divisional switchboards.

- Custom machined metal box fixed directly to the wall or mounted on a tripod (temporary audit installations)

- Data Transfers

- Ethernet, Wifi or GSM modem

- Provision of screens displaying the measured data in real time (display in 10 min. steps)

- Data export in csv format

- Storage and archiving of data for the duration of the project

- Reliability of transmitted data

- Built-in Features

- Dashboard

- Real time display

- Multi-site vision

- Environmental Indicators

- Prediction of consumption

- Downloading data

- Integration of other data

- Meteorological data

- Production data

- Air Quality

- Remote reading

- Human activity

- Other energy consumption

- Secure architecture

- Dedicated database

- Firewalls, anti-DDoS, anti-virus, intrusion detection, rootkit detection

- Web access via SSL-secured HTTPS authentication

Our solution is in compliance with

- IEC 61557-12 Performance guarantee of the central measuring station - Industrial and tertiary applications.

- Class 1.5. Data processing software to precisely identify consumption :The energy managers set up extraction algorithms applied at each circuit in order to show the different contributing uses analysed in a precise manner in the reports. Patented NIALM algorithms allow you to see where and how electricity is consumed as if the meters were installed throughout the building.

Since 2021, the platform also monitors water, air, gaz and steam


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