Bio Digester
Electro mechanical aerobic bio digester

Bio Digester

turning bio waste into compost at site

Informations technologiques

Equipment available for 20 to 100 kg of food waste per day with the following benefits:

  • Food waste recycling from the source(Minimum carbon impact)
  • Waste disposal in 3 to 24 hours(No pre-processing storage)
  • Waste transformation into organic fertilizer NFU 44-051 (Opportunity to locally use the organic fertilizer for free)
  • No water added nor liquid release(No need for an expensive and complex installation)
  • No toxic gases emission(Instead of the most part of the installed base)
  • Waste reduction rate : 90 % average(100 Kg of waste = 10 kg of organic fertilizer)
  • Bad smell free – Fast and easy implementation(Automatic devices plugged on the power grid only)

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