November 3, 2022

REENIU, solutions for the industrial ecological transition

REENIU, solutions for the industrial ecological transition

Launched in Normandy, Occitanie and Brittany, REENIU France is a network of solutions for the industrial ecological transition.

REENIU is inline with the current logic of the ecological transition, aiming at lowering energy consumption, reducing carbon footprints and various types of pollution, and more generally moving the industrial world towards an economical and ecological production.

Energy costs related to climate control or lighting in factories, green energy generation through solar or wind power, new lighting methods, non-polluting “zero waste”packaging, optimization of water consumption: in all industrial production sectors, REENIU helps create new opportunities from what used to be perceived as constraints and tough regulations.

Ideally, we would all like not to have to protect the environment, but to evolve in a world that would not need such protections” explains Pascal BALLON, co-founder andPresident of REENIU. “In the meantime, we are putting together solutions so that companies can reach their objectives to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy in a timely and cost-effective manner”.

“Our company offers a containerized bioreactor that transforms bio-waste and residues of food processing plants on site, hence avoiding costly and polluting transportation.Therefore, from a problem that you have to pay to get rid of, the waste becomes an asset to generate green electricity, hot water, gas, all reusable for free by the company, or resellable to generate new sources of income !”.

REENIU France also brings innovative solutions for the measurement and intelligent analysis of electricity and water expenses, whose bills can be greatly reduced.

REENIU is a combination of original and complementary skills. The company benefits from the cumulative experience of its managers over several decades in the energy and agri-food industrial sectors on several continents. REENIU also relies on the commercial and interpersonal skills of other industry and digital specialists.

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