Water Leak Detection
SHAYP artificial intelligence for water monitoring

Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are a frequent, costly and invisible problem. In order to save both financial and natural resources, REENIU France brings you water monitoring and leaks detection solutions.

Technology information

Shayp in a nutshell : save time, money and water

·       No more manual reading of the index: access to yourwater-consumption and index in real-time - your data is yours

·       Optimize your water-consumption by detecting water-leaks and prevent water-damages to avoid over-consumption of thousands of euros discovered with your quaterly water bill

·       As well as ensuring business continuity and avoiding penalties on your insurance policy, if not being granted a bonus for maintaining a healthy facility

·       Quickly set-up and communicate about a concrete CSR action

·       100%designed and manufactured in Belgium

Howdoes Shayp work?

  • no plumbing : our     data logger POLY4 retrofits on your current water-meter (compatible with     most of the main water-meters & sub-metering also possible)
  • easy and cost efficient     installation (REENIU take care of it): no wiring for Internet or power needed     (10-year battery & embedded GSM connectivity provided by Shayp) 
  • even for   remote/outdoor, underground or dusty/wet sites:     thanks to the excellent embedded GSM connectivity and the resistance to   water and dust of our datalogger POLY4 (IP67)
  • real time access to   your data via our interface or even via your already in place energy     platform: PC (web page) or mobile (webapp), refreshed every hour, can be   downloaded quickly in csv files or even integrated to another platform via     our API

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