November 3, 2022

Industrial manufacturer of ready-meals optimizes energy and water consumption.

Industrial manufacturer of ready-meals optimizes energy and water consumption.

Our team has just completed a typical energy efficiency project using one solution of our catalogue of innovations. Working in an F&B  company, we have enabled a manufacturer of ready meals to radically optimize the energy and water consumption of its plant, in Pas de Calais, and to generate more than 110,000 Euros in savings.

A typical factory and a favorable context

The very complicated context of energy costs makes our services all the more interesting and profitable. However, the technical teams, under the leadership of their industrial manager, already intended to reduce their carbon footprint well before the 2022 gas and electricity price increase.
TheREENIU global energy efficiency solution was chosen, and it very quickly gave the expected results. Thus, only 16 weeks after the installation of the non-intrusive monitoring system, we were able to deliver a report highlighting12 sources of savings.
These12 opportunities discovered  make it possible to reduce electricity consumption by 400,000 KWh/year, water consumption by 5,000 m3, and gas consumption by 100,000 m3 per year, and therefore allow considerable savings, already greater than the initial investment.

More than €110,000 in savings identified

Because electricity, gas and water consumption fluctuate depending on the process, the days of the week and the seasons, they can only be reduced if they are constantly measured. This approach leads to making reports available to our customers, through a clear and effective online reporting tool, our Energy Manager.
We were able to propose several actions that are easy to implement, and without additional CAPEX, for this F&B food customer, including:

·        Valve closures by operators according to the process

·        Optimization of air conditioning air temperatures according to the activity

·        Refurbishment of defective steam traps.


New avenues for savings

As the measurement tool that remains in place at the customer's premises is already fully amortized,REENIU can then propose new innovations, among the 28 in its range,and bring those most adapted to the site.
The objective is to seek a second tranche of savings by using:

·        HTF Compact to improve heat exchange of cold circuits

·        The production of ecological disinfectant in-situ.

Reeniu is a supplier of innovations to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturers. We install systems to accelerate the ecological transition thanks to the innovations of our start-ups, in order to reduce consumption. 
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