November 3, 2022

Decarbonization of industries: Décarb Flash (Ademe) takes over from the ASP counter

Decarbonization of industries: Décarb Flash (Ademe) takes over from the ASP counter

From 1 July 2022, ADEME is setting up the Décarb Flash system as part of the France 2030 plan. It takes over from the industry decarbonisation window operated by the Service and Payment Agency (ASP).
Décarb' Flash allows industrial companies to benefit from subsidies for investments dedicated to decarbonization. All industrial companies (SMEs / ETIs / LargeCompanies) with less than 500 employees can benefit from it.

The Décarb'Flash scheme concerns projects that aim to improve the energy efficiency of industries and whose total cost is between €100K and €3M, in the following categories:

·        Heat recovery for thermal or electrical recovery

·        Improvement of energy efficiency (investment in addition to an existing installation whose energy performance is improved)

·        Reducing fossil fuel consumption

·        Insulation of industrial buildings and natural lighting

·        Efficiency and decarbonization of industrial heating systems as a substitute for fossil energy(excluding buildings)

·        Renewable heat and cooling

·        Geothermal and solar thermal (projects below the minimum levels of the Heat Fund

·        Studies and metering (t°probes, pressure sensors, flow meters) and only in addition to another investment

ATEE (Association Technique Énergie Environnement, formerly Association Technique pour les Économie d'Énergie) and ADEME join forces to present the AAP Industrie Zéro Fossile, launched as part of the France 2030 investment program and operated by ADEME.

It aims to respond both to the challenge of the decarbonisation of industry but also to recent events in Ukraine and the consequences they imply on national supplies of fossil fuels or inputs.

In line with the measures launched during the RecoveryPlan, this PAA is structured around three components and has a budget of €150 million. :

·        Component 1: "LowCarbon Heat by Conversion to Biomass" (BCIAT);

·        Component 2: "Energy efficiency and process decarbonization" (DECARB IND);

·        Component 3: "Rapid deployment of decarbonization in industry" (DECARB-FLASH) in the continuity of the industry decarbonization window operated by the ASP.

Nevertheless, the context in Ukraine justifies two important characteristics of this AAP Fossil Zero Industry,which are all selection criteria. On the one hand, the AAP primarily targets projects that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and inputs on industrial sites. On the other hand, projects whose implementation can take place for the coming winters will be privileged in view of the urgency of the situation.

REENIU guides you in projects to reduce the carbon footprint of your industry

The aid available to encourage and help the industrial energy transition can therefore represent a significant part of the financial effort for your industry. For example, the StateServices and Payments Agency (ASP) grants help projects with an investment of less than €3 million, based on a list of energy and CO2performance improvement technologies (micro-modulating burners, heat exchangers, etc.). These grants may represent 10 to 50 % of the eligible expenditure of these projects.
Reeniu isa supplier of innovations to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturers. We install systems to accelerate the ecological transition through the innovations of our start-ups, in order to reduce energy and water consumption. Contact us for a free and non binding study.

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