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Water leaks are a frequent, costly and invisible problem. In order to save both financial and natural resources, REENIU France brings you water monitoring and leaks detection solutions. REENIU offers a smart and economical device using a powerful proprietary algorithm to detect water leaks, read and compare your water consumptions.

Reduce your water bill, sometimes up to 20% of its current amount.
Keep an eye on future risks to mitigate them, avoid expenses in wasted water, and avoid waterdamages they may create throughout your industry’s valuable buildings and equipment.

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A clear situation as far as water leaks are concerned :

  • 1 professional building in 3 currently has at least a minor costly water leak
  • Water leaks represent 10 to 40% of consumption and water bill total in residential buildings
  • Only 5% of leaks are detected most of the time fortuitously by residents or building managers
  • Many water leak damages come from an unmonitored water pipes network

You should therefore work as fast as possible to remedy water leaks in your buildings or offices, no matter how small it looks – if you’re aware of it, that is !
Your water expenses and saving of natural resources, but also potential damages on your industrial work infrastructures and machinery, depend on such detection and fixing delay.
REENIU France brings you simple, fast solutions with a quick Return On Investment (ROI) to solve your water leaks issues.

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Elderly home residence

Annual savings of EUR 38,000 following a water leak detection and fixing.


Annual savings of EUR 29,000 thanks to our leaks detection system and software.

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Accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy

Thanks to innovative technologies, REENIU helps you stop the consumption of fossil fuels, avoid wasting water, reduce noise pollution and the production of waste.