Solar power generation on site

Énergie renouvelable - Gaspiller

Solar radiation and electrical energy production on site

Thanks to solar radiation, we are able to produce electrical energy that can be re-injected into the network or to be used for self-consumption. The cells that make up a solar panel transform solar energy into direct current and an inverter transforms it into alternating current.

Photovoltaics is the most widely used renewable energy in France and the Grenelle de l’Environnement has strongly contributed to boosting the photovoltaic sector. Today, solar panels are installed on roofs to be renovated, on new buildings, on wasteland… This makes it possible to generate regular income over more than 20 years thanks to solar radiation.

REENU and its partners offer you a complete offer, from the roof to the ground including parking shades, and even floating solar if lagoons or other reservoirs are available on the factory site.
It can also be an opportunity to install LED parking lights equipped with solar panels and/or wind turbines.

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You have a solar project to increase the economic and ecological performance of your land or building and you are looking for a recognized partner to support you during all the phases of your photovoltaic project, from the definition of your solar panel installation to ‘to its operation and maintenance …

REENIU and its installation and financial partners ensure quality construction and total support for setting up your project. They have built a solid experience in the construction of photovoltaic plants on the ground and on roofs, both on new and renovated structures. To study the energy and economic potential of your project, contact us for a personalized study.

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