Roof-top wind turbine
Rooftop wind turbine
REENIU installs rootop wind turbines on the customers’ premises and offers a leasing service that requires no initial investment, and includes the maintenance of the equipment.

Additional technology information

Wind energy is used in three ways:

with conservation of mechanical energy: the wind is used to drive a vehicle (sailing ship or sand yacht) or to turn the grinding wheel of a mill;

transformation into driving force (pumping of liquids, compression of fluids…): pumping of water (mills in Majorca, windmills to irrigate fields or water livestock);

Electrical energy production: the wind turbine is coupled to an electrical generator to produce direct or alternating current. The generator is connected to a power grid or operates as a “stand-alone” system with a backup generator (e.g., a generator set) and/or a battery bank or other energy storage device.


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