Rooftop wind turbine

Énergie renouvelable - Gaspiller

REENIU installs rootop wind turbines on the customers’ premises and offers a leasing service that requires no initial investment, and includes the maintenance of the equipment.
The green electricity generated that way is either used by the customers themselves or sold to the network grid. This offer provides access to energy from renewable sources at a price lower than the public prices

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Wind energy is used in three ways:

with conservation of mechanical energy: the wind is used to drive a vehicle (sailing ship or sand yacht) or to turn the grinding wheel of a mill;

transformation into driving force (pumping of liquids, compression of fluids…): pumping of water (mills in Majorca, windmills to irrigate fields or water livestock);

Electrical energy production: the wind turbine is coupled to an electrical generator to produce direct or alternating current. The generator is connected to a power grid or operates as a “stand-alone” system with a backup generator (e.g., a generator set) and/or a battery bank or other energy storage device.

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