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The noise pollution is a major contributor to pollution at large, and hence the noise reduction is key to a pleasant acoustic environment, sustainable and quality .
REENIU France and its specialist partners provide industrial projects with high quality acoustic solutions , based on innovative materials .

The use of environmentally friendly products and sustainability are among the main concerns of REENIU to provide you with high performance acoustic solutions based on recyclable materials .

OPEX Reduction

GHG reduction

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Noise reducers and fight against noise pollution: REENIU France offers you an action by:

  • sound deflectors
  • the anti noise walls
  • insulation of machines emitting the loudest noises
  • eco-materials intended to fight against noise pollution

REENIU anti-noise acoustic solutions, for environmental compliance and respect for noise emissions in factories, are applicable to

  • All industrial sites
  • Your office buildings
  • Factories and places of production

References and Uses

Insulating materials in an industrial context

Sound barrier in a factory

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Thanks to innovative technologies, REENIU helps you stop the consumption of fossil fuels, avoid wasting water, reduce noise pollution and the production of waste.