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Despite the increase in both the economic and ecological cost of water served by a regular service provider, consumer and industrial water consumption is increasing.
In addition to the logic of leak detection for which REENIU can also assist you, we offer rainwater recovery solutions , all the more reasonable as they bring financial savings and reduce water consumption.
The recovery of rainwater is becoming more sense in an environment where water is scarce on the planet.

The recovery and use of rainwater from roofs is logically arousing growing interest, in France as in many countries. This makes it possible, in compliance with regulations, to reuse rainwater from roofs for watering green spaces, flushing toilets, or washing buildings, vehicles, etc.

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Rainwater harvesting brings many benefits by reducing the consumption of drinking water. In addition to significant savings on the water bill, your company actively participates in the preservation of natural resources and the environment . These savings come in particular from the limitation of withdrawals from groundwater, and therefore the expenses necessary for the treatment of drinking water (less energy devoted to pumping, to the drinking water treatment plant and to transporting the water).

rainwater harvesting facility is a system for collecting and storing rainwater for later use. The implementation of a specific installation, which may vary in its complexity depending on the end use, is necessary to meet this objective. REENIU France offers solutions adapted to your context, aiming to include the recovery of rainwater and its use in a global logic of economy and ecology.

Rainwater harvesting can serve different complementary purposes.

  • Watering the company’s lawns (mainly in summer when water is restricted), washing company car fleets;
  • Supply of a “rain garden” purifying the water before infiltrating it into the water table (possibly at the outlet of an overflow from a recovery tank)
  • Supply of staff toilets (whose gray water could possibly be purified by natural lagooning or filtering marshes;
  • Various cleaning (floors, exterior, etc.).
  • Supply of industrial water circuits, eg machine cooling circuit.


The recovery of rainwater is subject in France to strict legislation which imposes certain characteristics to the system to prevent any health risk.
REENIU France and its partners guarantee you an installation that complies with French regulations, with the issuance of a health and maintenance booklet at the reception of the site, then the realization of an after-sales follow-up.

References and Uses

Non-drinking rainwater for the machining of mechanical parts

Recovering rainwater for uses that do not require drinking quality water is attracting a growing number of industries. Reusing them in a production context turns out to be economically interesting, and in the ecological logic of modern industries.

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