Micro-methanization of bio-waste
Micro-methanization of bio-waste
The bioreactor is a dry and / or wet anaerobic digestion system that transforms organic waste into energy and fertilizer while offering a compact and modular design.

Additional technology information

REENIU France aims to accelerate the transition, at the global level, towards a sustainable and circular economy. This virtuous company is made thanks to the supply of innovative technologies to stop
the consumption of fossil fuels, to avoid the waste of water, to reduce noise pollution and the production of waste.

The bioreactor fits perfectly into this logic of locally recovering the waste resulting from the activities of a site, to directly create clean energy.

It is installed on site, and locally treats organic waste on the site of its production. The bio-reactor can be customized according to the unique needs of each customer, insofar as its energy production and its generation and recovery modes (turbine, hot water, gas) are adapted to the needs of the site.

Despite high-tech capabilities present in no other comparable system, which allows constant optimization and real-time monitoring of waste transformation, the bioreactor offered by REENIU does not require complex maintenance, and its maintenance is partially offered. remotely. It is an intelligent transformer of waste into clean and local energy, which for the customer means Zero waste and Zero maintenance .

The containerized bio-reactor is

  • high efficiency, efficient in generating energy from waste
  • compact
  • quickly deployed
  • customizable

Notable usage contexts:
– Food industry waste
– Mass catering
– Logistics center for fresh products

Benefits of the containerized bioreactor

• Energy
savings : reduction of transported volumes
reduction of mechanical sorting
better energy yields
reduced footprint
• A ready-to-use system:
rapid installation and configuration
processing capacities modules and easy to adjust
• Simple management:
remote operations

For who?

Our organic bioreactors find their intelligent place throughout the food chain: from agricultural cultivation to post-consumption stages, including all stages of logistics and distribution in between.
Industry: food processing factories
Agriculture: animal breeding, harvests
Logistics: distribution centers
Retail: supermarkets, fresh produce markets
Consumption: hotels and restaurants

Stay Connected with Internet Monitoring

The bioreactor includes a remote management and control system. It provides real-time visualization of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) objectives, which enables continuous performance optimization.
It includes:
• Remote management and control of any unit on site
• 24/7 performance monitoring
• Predictive maintenance alerts
• KPI visualization: energy production, quantity of waste treated, etc.
• Return on investment reports
• Analyzes of best practices.


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Installation at a customer World leader in microprocessor manufacturing Type of waste: cafeteria biowaste Location: Shanghai, China Installation: June 2020 Input capacity: 1000 Kg / day Energy produced: Biogas to feed the kitchen ovens.

Cafeteria waste from an electronic components factory