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Énergie renouvelable - Gaspiller

The reusable packaging (transport packaging, boxes, trays, containers of any type) are a major source of wood consumption, and generating a carbon footprint importance to the industry .

The question therefore arises today of the use of wood for such destinations, while there is a logical and ecological alternative today: use bamboo in all the contexts where forest wood is currently used for contexts outside construction . This is the case for industrial packaging, packaging boxes, and any reusable wooden container.

The reallocation of forest wood for construction is an ecological decision that makes sense, while bamboo, which is a grass with a much faster renewal, also brings the multiple advantages of bamboo: mechanical resistance, resistance to humidity , etc. .

REENI also supplies organic bamboo granules as a replacement for plastics.

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With its bio-sourced B2B industrial packaging , REENIU brings you solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your industrial packaging , boxes, floors and floors, and all-purpose wood, while increasing their lifespan and quality.

References and Uses

Commercial vehicle floors

Bamboo floor to protect the floor of the van of trucks and other utility vehicles, advantageous replacement of wood.

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