Improving heat exchange
TCT Nanotech
HTF Compact - Heat exchange enhancer
Our nanotechnology additive is a high performance additive, using nanotechnologies to increase heat transfer (both in heating and in cooling). It improves heat exchange and therefore energy savings in many sectors.

Additional technology information

HTF Compact® uses a very advanced formulation to improve the heat exchange. A rearrangement of the molecular structure of the coolant increases the rate of heat transfer.

The presence of nanoparticles improves thermal conductivity thanks to a better interaction in the heat transfer zones and a micro communication of heat thanks to the Brownian movement of the nanoparticles in the coolant.

Through this improvement in heat exchange, HTF Compact® allows heat to be transferred more quickly to the target, de facto improving energy efficiency. It can be used in closed liquid cooling systems without modifying existing systems and it is set up without stopping operations in progress.

This HTF Compact® additive offered by REENIU France is designed to be effective at a low concentration of 5% in the coolant.

Immediate results visible with instrumentation for measuring energy consumption, for a reduction of up to 25% in energy consumption.


Réduction OPEX

Réduction GES

Communication RSE


Site: Research Laboratory. 5 story building, New York, USA. volume of refrigerant: 3250 liters including 45% of Glycol Volume of nanofluid: 162 liters Immediate effect in load reduction to obtain the set point, resulting in an energy saving of 24% at the level of the chiller and pumps.

Research Lab, New York