Fixed or mobile dry toilets
We offer both fixed and mobile dry toilet facilities. Dry toilets meet new environmental requirements and adapt to all offices, professional buildings, construction sites, sites open to the public, and your company's events.

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Some of the advantages of a dry toilet for your business:

Water saving : Dry toilets as an alternative to flushing the toilet prevent the wasting of three to twelve liters of drinking water with each use.
Respect for the water cycle : stool does not degrade well in water. The bacteria and chemicals that we reject require a longer treatment to be as harmless as gray water (wash water). So flushing toilets considerably increases the load on wastewater treatment plants in terms of volume and power. In the case of treatment by planted basins (lagooning) of gray water, the use of dry toilets makes it possible to reduce the number of successive basins and to simplify the treatment, making it accessible to individual houses.

Constitution of a natural resource :
– either in the form of a quality organic amendment from the droppings making it possible to restore to the earth the elements that have been removed from it.
– or in the form of organic matter to be biogased, that is to say producing a (bio-) gas which will be used to produce electricity or heating or both (cogeneration). There are also cases where the gas supplies a suitable vehicle fleet.

– No noise generated by the flush and no frost problem in the case of outhouses in cold countries.
– Address the problems of epidemics (a very important problem in developing countries where populations use latrines which contaminate groundwater).
Reduction of eutrophication problems: eliminated by traditional water toilets, stool and urine release significant amounts of phosphorus nitrogen into the water, thus significantly contributing to the degradation of aquatic ecosystems.

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