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REENIU brings you fatal heat recovery solutions thanks to compact and maintenance-free motors , allowing heat to be transformed directly into mechanical energy .

Thanks to a heat exchanger and hot air machine, these engines using ambient air convert the thermal energy of the exhaust and combustion gases of conventional engines into additional mechanical energy.

Fuel consumption and gas emissions can thus drop by 8 to 10%.

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Fatal heat is the waste heat produced by a process that is not used by it.

The recovery of waste heat can lead to:

  • “internal” recovery, to meet the company’s own heat needs (process, space heating, etc.);
  • valuation “externally” to meet the needs of other organizations in the area (industry, housing, services, etc.) via a heating network.

Reusing energies that we thought were lost is now possible. Indeed, the recovery of the energy that leaves the buildings and its reuse, far from wishful thinking, becomes an economic reality which results in varied and long-lasting projects, in new as well as in renovation.

By fatal heat is meant a production of heat derived from a production site, which is not its primary object, and which, therefore, is not necessarily recovered.

The sources of fatal heat are very diverse. These may be energy production sites (nuclear power plants), industrial production sites, tertiary buildings all the more emitting heat as they are heavy consumers such as hospitals, transport networks in closed place, or disposal sites such as thermal waste treatment units.

The European directive 2012/27 / EU relating to energy efficiency favors the use of waste heatFatal heat emitters located near a district heating network must carry out a cost-benefit analysis in order to study the possibility of recovering the waste heat and, if the solution is deemed profitable, it must be implemented. Likewise, any district heating network project must also assess the different potential for waste heat recovery.

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Incineration industries, ceramics, metallurgy, glass industry.

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