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efficacité énergétique

REENIU France brings you a global energy efficiency service, including audit of your consumption and practical advice applicable to achieve significant and concrete savings on your consumption .

Our offer includes a system of non-intrusive energy consumption measurements , including an integrated audit service to guide the customer in the implementation of the energy saving program.

Our solution is based on a basic principle: we can only effectively act what we know how to measure well , and your reduction in energy consumption is therefore based on our proven measurement and monitoring tools.

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So to reduce electricity consumption, you have to measure it and then understand precisely how it works. REENIU France’s proposal includes the measurement of electricity consumption by a system specific to our partner manufacturer. The data collected is then displayed on analysis screens and then studied. It delivers a diagnosis and an immediately applicable method of energy saving. It is a non-intrusive measurement system installed quickly at a lower cost than a conventional system, and without disrupting any process or installation already in place in your environment.

The algorithms developed in-house then increase the data collected by precisely identifying the consumption uses. Our team of energy managers, specialized in consumption analysis, sets consumption reduction targets. REENIU France thus identifies potential savings for you, and we optimize the existing to go towards reduced and optimized consumption.

The initial analysis report of your consumption includes:

– A representation of detailed consumption
– An analysis of measured circuits and control points
– A detail of consumption over the initial period, which will serve as a reference
– A roadmap of possible savings WITHOUT investment (by optimizing the existing one)

The recurring monthly report then indicates:

– Monitoring of savings and key points of energy management
– Consumption and expenditure per month, their evolution compared to the previous month
– Our analyzes and comments on your energy efficiency

References and Uses

10% savings for an industrial plastic injection plant

Installation: 6 measuring systems (1 per TGBT) installed in 6 days, 127 electrical feeders in monitoring (presses, compressors, lighting, etc.) 100% of the electrical energy measured.

Analyzes: Report on the electrical analysis of all contributors, identification of technical and energy issues. Observations on the operation of the site, developments, monitoring of energy performance actions and any technical and / or energy drifts.

Results: Project 100% finalized in 2 months? savings on utilities and production equipment, corrective actions:
10.5% savings or 105 K € / year.

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