Electro-mecanical bio-composter
Electro-mecanical bio-composter
REENIU offers solutions to reduce, transform and get value out of your waste directly on-site, where they get produced.

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REENIU offers solutions to reduce, transform and get value out of your waste directly on-site, where they get produced.

Since 2013, sorting food waste has been compulsory and linked to the quantities produced . A food waste producer must therefore estimate the quantities produced or held in order to comply with the legislation.
Since 2016, the threshold from which it is mandatory to recover waste has fallen to 10 tonnes / year. For reference, we produce approximately 120 g of bio-waste per meal served. (Source: ADEME ).

The 4 current techniques are:
– Incineration
– Landfill
– Composting
– Anaerobic digestion (Methanization)

Articles l. 541-21-1, l. 543-225 and following of the environment code. Entry into force of the staggered obligation via decree of July 12, 2011. Terms of application set by the circular of January 10, 2012.
If you do not recover this waste yourself , the law requires you now selectively sort them on your site and find specific and appropriate recovery channels , internally or externally.


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