Eco Clean In Place (CIP)

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REENIU and its partner provide two ecological and economical solutions to your Cleaning in Place  ( CIP ) process.

– Optimization of the water cycle and washing

Cleaning in place (CIP) is a major cost item and a fundamental quality issue. We bring you a physicochemical regeneration process by coagulation and flocculation.
Our process benefits from several years of experience feedback.

Direct OPEX impact:

  • Soda consumption: from 14 kg / CIP to 4kg / CIP
  • Opex cost of CIP divided by 6 (soda / acid / water / energy)
  • Improved productivity: more than 150 hours of CIP / month; line capacity: change from 2 lines to 4 simultaneously
  • Quality: very significant improvements
  • Environmental impact: less consumption of natural resources (water / energy), less emissions (CO2, COD, phosphorus)

OPEX Reduction

GHG reduction

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– Optimization of CIP / CIP cleaning operations

Current problem: setting the NEP is established by empiricism suddenly expensive trial and error, because one of TACT parameters has no physical measurement.
The main challenge is to optimize the time and qualify line washes.
Our process uses LED-ultraviolet-infrared optical technology which continuously measures the particulate and dissolved pollutant load of the cleaning solution, thereby establishing the optimum washing time online .

Quality issues:

  • master the washing cycles and thus make a continuous qualification of the IPCs according to the real need
  • trace washing operations with better control of drifts and incidents
  • operate efficient sorting of the solution, which guarantees the homogeneous quality of the soda recovered and stored
  • qualify the quality of the recovered water
  • detecting milk wetting phenomena continuously and not by spot checks

Economic & environmental impacts:

  • reduce washing times by focusing on the real need and not on suspected or theoretical clogging
  • optimize the rinsing-cleaning sequences (water and time),
  • improve the load on the CIP lines and increase washing capacity (CAPEX impact).

If you have any questions about our ecological and economical solutions to optimize your CIP / CIP, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Industries : Milk, Sugar Cane

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