Containerized unit for the pyrolysis of plastics

Énergie renouvelable - Gaspiller

Plastic recycling is a major ecological and economic problem. If nothing is done, there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans in 2050.

REENIU provides a solution in the form of a plastic pyrolysis container: plastic waste is crushed and then heated at high temperatures.

The pyrolysed plastic waste produces an oil that can be used by petrochemists to make recycled plastic.

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GHG reduction

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The containerization principle makes this mini recycling plant on site a portable and flexible solution: instead of involving the transportation of plastic waste, it brings the recycling solution to your door, on your industrial site.

From a polluting residue that is difficult to manage, plastic waste becomes a recoverable material. Our containerized solution is easily scalable to handle large volumes of plastics, by adding connected and intelligently controlled containers.

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