Circular PET

Recyclage - Plastique

Circular solution for plastics, process description :

Step 1: Collection of PET bottles
The PET plastic bottles are collected from the customers’ industrial sites and sent to collection centers, pressed into 4 m3 cubes.

Step 2: Cutting of the bottles
The retained bottles are washed and sterilized and then torn into small pieces of a few millimeters.

Step 3: From PET to PET pellets
The plastic fragments are transformed into PET pellets – at this stage the material is the same as the original material that made up the bottle.

Step 4: spinning
The pellets are then melted and mixed to become braids that will be spun.

Step 5: Textile
The yarn is then delivered to factories in the textile industry to make PET clothing.

Step 6: PET clothing
This stage produces work clothes for the employees of the industrial site.

OPEX Reduction

GHG reduction

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PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and the energy cost of recycling them is very low. Recycling a PET bottle saves an average of 60% of energy in the production of a new bottle.


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Illustration of the plastic threads obtained after recycling

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