Ballast water treatment
Ballast water treatment
REENIU together with its water treatment specialist partner offers ballast water treatment solutions including filtration, desalination and ultraviolet disinfection.

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Notable features

  • Simple and flexible

Simple structure, easy to install and operate. Depending on space constraints, our ballast water treatment modules can be installed in containers, or freely in vertical or horizontal arrangement.

  • Reliable and durable

Our systems use proven filtration technologies. Our monitoring and maintenance network provides comprehensive and reliable support around the world.

  • Can be used for the treatment of water in any type of building: Container ships, tankers, cruise ships and passengers, etc.


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The IMO has estimated that in 2004 alone, around 10 billion cubic meters of water were transported by the world's 45,000 merchant ships in their ballast tanks. REENIU helps reduce the environmental impact of these discharges.

Installation in seaports