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REENIU France carries out audits, advice, studies and project management with its specialist partners on all the acoustic issues encountered in factories and buildings:

  • Acoustic insulation (facade, insulation between rooms, impact noise)
  • Reverberations and speech intelligibility
  • Noise from technical equipment (machine tools, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, elevators and load carriers, etc.)
  • Vibrations

The acoustics design office works on existing sites as well as on plant constructions or extensions , to resolve noise and / or vibration problems generated by equipment or installations on your industrial site. Among our services:

Preventive audit (construction) Corrective audit of standards, regulatory objectives (HQE) Corrective audit of well-being, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

OPEX Reduction

GHG reduction

CSR Communication


Standards and Regulations
Depending on the regulatory or certification objectives to be achieved in your company, REENIU France carries out audits concerning analysis, advice and acoustic engineering  to achieve targets and optimize treatments and solutions:

  • Worker noise exposure measurements
  • Sound mapping
  • Room acoustics
  • Acoustic characterization measurements and vibration measurements
  • Study of noise impact

The HQE standard designates the French certification on the reduction of the environmental impacts of buildings during their construction, their renovation and their use . It defines 14 targets including the Acoustic Comfort . In correcting or at conception, this type of acoustic studies adjusts many problems regularly encountered in the professional world. It may be a matter of soundproofing noisy equipment (machines, ventilation, etc.) or even improving the comfort that is required in certain places (reception rooms, landscaped offices, infirmaries, rest rooms, etc.) when the sound environment is degraded by the presence of noisy areas or machines nearby.

References and Uses

Fine chemicals production plants

Soundproofing of noisy equipment (machines and ventilation) thanks to acoustic studies, which made it possible to find the necessary comfort in offices and reception rooms.


Biomass industries, metallurgy

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